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Other Surgical Services – Dallas, TX

Achieve Improved Overall Wellness

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Dr. Kwon is passionate about helping his patients lead their best lives possible. That is why he has dedicated himself to mastering implant dentistry. However, he goes even further than that. He offers additional services that are designed to help you achieve improved overall wellness.


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The lingual frenulum (sometimes called a frenum) is a small piece of tissue that connects the bottom of the tongue to the floor of the mouth. If the frenulum is too short or too thick, it restricts the tongue’s movement, resulting in a condition known as tongue tie. Tongue tie can lead to a host of complications, including speech and feeding difficulties, as well as orthodontic problems. A frenectomy is a relatively simple procedure wherein Dr. Kwon loosens the frenulum to allow the tongue to have a proper range of motion.

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Sinus Lift

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In some patients, the sinuses sit too low, which means that dental implants could pierce them. A sinus lift, which is a special type of bone graft, is often able to correct this issue. During the procedure, Dr. Kwon gently lifts the sinuses. Then, he adds extra bone to the jaw in the area of the molars and premolars. The extra bone protects the sinuses and creates more room for the dental implants.

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Oral Sleep Appliance

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Millions of individuals suffer daily with the effects of obstructive sleep apnea. In sleep apnea, the soft tissues in the mouth block the airway, resulting in temporary pauses in breathing throughout the night. Dr. Kwon can design a custom oral appliance that gently moves the jaw forward. The jaw’s new position helps to keep the airway open and thus prevents the obstructions that lead to nighttime breathing problems. For many patients, an oral appliance is a viable alternative to CPAP therapy.

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